Introduction of ALIZES

Enlightened observers were able to notice and to tell cultural, economic and social mini-upheavals, which day after day, transform the planet. Every year, they list, analyze, interpret, question a multitude of events and privileged actors all over the world, to draw a vision of what the future reserves us.
We can name, as an example, John Naisbitt and Patricia Abudery who identified great tendencies marking the 1990’s/ 2010’s:

A Rise of globalize economy,
A Globalization of ways of life, compensated by an intensification
of cultural senses of identity.
A Decline of the state-providence in western countries.
Countries development of the Pond of the Pacific.
Ascent of women in the power
Era of the biology
Religious revival
Triumph over the individual

These observers show us as well, the implications of these tendencies for those who, at any level and in any field, must decide with full knowledge of the facts.
We talk much about globalization and this concept is often focused on economy. The world evolves; relationship between inhabitants of the world can be made in real time.
These information and communication technologies for our competences network are present not only to develop new economic influx, but they can also be takings advantage to strengthen social link, to facilitate evidences, to innovate, to work differently and why not promoting civilian societies close together.
ALIZES network wants to bring its contribution to strengthen a process of participative democratization. Lasting development is sharply related to its social component. This social durability declines in access to the possessions and the services, in skills, abilities increase of its members and finally of intra and intergenerational equity.

  How was ALIZES born ?
“When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to make your wish come true” (P. Coelho).

The decision to get involved in innovative actions by grouping together competences in the European territory and more widely on the planet is the first reflection work of the member’s creators of the network “ALIZES”.

The second step: to gather field competences which come round to ALIZES principles; that means bringing innovation based on real life experiences.

The third step : to become a force of propositions for the decision makers in economic, political and social fields.

   Why ALIZES ?

“The wind is favorable for only those who know where it goes.” (Lucius Sénèque)

The name ALIZES was chosen in analogy of the tropical winds which are reversed according to seasons. These winds favored commercial and cultural exchanges between countries, between continents.

ALIZES is “trade wind” in English. To trade means as well to communicate, to exchange, to share. . .

The creation of this structure is not only innovative, but also it is in the sense of time. Our rule should not be limited only to the present “here and now” but this present has to serve for preparing the future, to be able to press on our future.

   What is ALIZES ?
“Only the group is great” (B. Quertignez)

ALIZES is a network of competences in participative development which will have, especially, a vigil, a long term and innovative suggestions behavior and will rely on a large network of competences.

ALIZES is a network of field practitioner who want to progress through a lasting human development by associating local actors.

ALIZES is a network of friendly people having different competences with whom collaboration, teamwork is possible and nice.

ALIZES is a network which wants to develop a vigil and a long term tool from real life experiences, from the accompaniment of local strategies, from innovative capacities of the field.

ALIZES adapts its support to field requirements. This network suggests:

Availability of resources people
Supports for files setting up
Networking of additional skills
Implementation of actions by accompanying the carriers
Participative follow-ups and evaluations . . .

As in a Spanish inn, everyone can bring its project, its dreams, and these projects will appear through the strength of the group and through services exchange. The aim is to reinforce social link at any level in order to achieve participative actions.

   What is an “ALIZES” or “ALIZABLE” project ?
ALIZES is a network which favors the action by endowing its members with tools, skills, further abilities for participative projects of a lasting development.

An eligible project is an action that favors participative human development and integrates notions of economic, social, cultural, political and ethical durability.

Every project has to answer a certain number of a pre-request included in a wide questioning:

Does a project favor an action that strengthens durably economic resources without emphasizing disparities about wealth within the society?

Did not this action create dependency, negative effects on actors-beneficiary?

Is this action participative at any stage of its development?

Does this action strengthen social link, does it have a positive impact on the social capital?

Does this action value the citizenship, the voluntarism approach and not assistanal of the resolution of the society problems?

Does this action strengthen beneficiary capacities by raising fears to increase abilities and so, be more autonomous and free to press on the future?

“The land is lent to us by our children”, does the action guarantee positive impacts in terms of economic, ecological, cultural, social, political durability.

Does this action suggest a mixture of styles, a mutli-field approach, and a coeducation at all the levels?

   Who can be part of ALIZES network ?
“The land is lent to us by our children”

ALIZES is a network which gathers friendly people coming from different but complementary backgrounds.

These persons have different rules: practitioner, searcher, financial partners, decision-makers but they all share the same passion of the action.

These persons live in Europe, but also in the whole planet, and value this mixture of cultures with the intention of reinforcing social link.

These persons bring their time, their skills, their network, their project and collaborate to make the ALIZABLE project progress.

   Some concrete exemples
ALIZES was contacted by a south-west association which wants to set up an Intermediary Association. This organization needs an accompaniment based on real life experiences or even on training on the subject.

More locally, ALIZES was contacted by a mission which regards the transfer of agricultural jobs in our region, by considering the progressive withdrawal of European financial aid (reform of PAC).

ALIZES also has further missions. The setting up of Spanish and Philippine NGOs of an observatory on vulnerability and food security is now in progress in Mindanao region in the south of Philippine.

ALIZES approached an existing structure (assistant designer of insertion SENDRA) in order to get closer to realities; and will lead to a participative study on mobility problems encountered by job seekers as well as on childminder. Here, the word “participative” takes its importance, because we will set up actions with those who are concerned and involved.

To put a stress again on two other structures responsible for reinsertion, we will lead a second participative work on jobs transfer and particularly, on diversification and professionalization of housework.

In short, ALIZES wants and has to get closer to realities in view of transfers which can take place by giving a value to participative solutions.

   ALIZES activities
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How was ALIZES born ?
What is ALIZES
What is an “ALIZES” or “ALIZABLE”     project ?
Who can be part of ALIZES     network ?
Some concrete exemples
ALIZES activities
Mission in RD CONGO and CUBA
Mindanao Vulnerability Observatory
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